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Enable secure, fast, and efficient remote access for your students to your workstations, 24/7, from anywhere.

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The challenge

Learning from home is now the best (or only) option for many of us.

Suddenly, the world changed, and many institutions around the globe have to move from classrooms to the virtual world, and that means many of the investments made in workstations and software licensing are no longer being used just because the students are not physically attending anymore.

Modern institutions have to offer both regular and virtual options to their students and usually, each option has different infrastructure requirements, so, you have to spend twice in a virtual cloud-based infrastructure accessible from outside and physical devices onsite for each student.

What if you could use your current physical infrastructure with both onsite and virtual students?

The solution

Make your on-site devices available to all your on-site and virtual students.

And make it 24/7, from anywhere in the world with low latency and low bandwidth thanks to AnyClassroom, a user-friendly app to book your devices for remote access, specifically designed to work with AnyDesk(r), the fastest and most user-friendly remote access software in the world.

AnyClassroom will enable the access only to the right student at the right moment, allowing to use the computer power and licensed software of your workstations even if the student is connecting from an old computer, a tablet or even a smartphone. Now, all your expensive and resources consuming architecture or engineering software can be used by all your students from home, anytime, and from any device.

How it works

Simple, easy, and powerful.

  • Enroll all your devices at school.
  • Group the devices into virtual classrooms with the cloud-based web console.
  • Create bookings: A room + a date + some student emails + a teacher = a booking.
  • Your students will receive the connection information when the class is about to start.
  • Once the class is ended, the student is disconnected and the device will no longer be accessible with the same credentials.


Supercharge your booking app.

If you already have a booking app, move it to the next stage. Handle your own rules and look and feel while enabling the high quality remote access to your students. It's super easy:

  • Make your bookings.
  • Send a request with your booking details to the API.
  • You receive a response with the new access, valid until the end of the booking.
  • Deliver the access to the student.
  • When the class ends, AnyClassroom will close the connection.

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